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86% Referral Volume

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  Welcome to Manfredi Insurance Group Agency

Our agency has been serving clients in the Capital Region as well as New York and Georgia since 1984. We represent both Preferred and Non-Standard Risk and each team member is a licensed professional dedicated to offering a level of service that will result in lasting relationships with our clients. Evidence of this core value can be found in our survey scores, demonstrating our Award Winning Attitude and commitment to our client protection needs and security. The agency focus is on helping you find the best possible protection for yourself, your family, or your business at the lowest possible cost. We are a family run agency with a team of long-term associates who want to WOW you every day. We proactively work for our 'family' of clients.


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Click the Blue Button to the Right for a quick insurance quote using our online 'Benefit & Discount' Evaluator. A quick 3 minute fact-finder makes it easy for you to request a current price for Personal or Commercial Auto, Homeowners, Landlord, Renters, Boatowners, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicle, Business Packages, General Umbrella Liability, Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care, or Financial Services and Insurance Plans. Or, if you prefer to discuss your options and custom tailor your plan to your specific needs, one-on-one, contact us by phone at (703) 971-8830.

Our family would be honored to simply have the opporuntiy to serve your family. We know that once you experience the Manfredi Way, you will wonder why no other agency in the industry values their client relationship like we do. We work for YOU first, the Insurance Company, Second - and we never forget that.

Already a Client of Manfredi Insurance Group?

Four times a year you get notices from us about doing policy reviews. Unlike most agents, our reviews do not take 10 minutes. Instead we dive deep into the policy for missing discounts, duplicate coverage, and possible areas of 'over-insurance', hunting for ways to save. Our 'educators and consultants' spend close to 30 or 45 minutes per policy if not more, all in an effort to make sure you have what you need, want, and desire - and that your plan is accomplishing what you expected it to do.

If you have not already participated in your Policy Review - there is no better time than NOW. Did you know that 72% of clients who participate in a comprehensive review with us, have experienced an overall reduction in premium expense, with no loss of necessary benefits?! No lie!

Not a client? That's okay. We can review your current company policy too. Although we may not be able to make changes, we can advise you were to look, and what to discuss with your current agent - all at NO CHARGE! That's right - a Free Non-Bias Analysis of your insurance plan. (Many folks who take us up on this offer, are surprised to find additional savings that their current agent 'forgot to mention' just a few weeks prior during their 'quick review'.)

Schedule your policy review today to ensure that all possible discounts and package benefits are applied to your protection plans. Let our award winning team WOW you - That is a GUARANTEE!

Ask about our Referral Reward Program. 86% of our clients refer us regularly and get rewarded for their efforts! With numbers like these - the proof of our service and savings commitment is evident.


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